Wells Fargo Follows B of A in Giving Away Homes

Wells FargoLast month we shared an interesting story that Bank of America was going to start giving homes away. As another way to move troubled assets off their books Bank or America announced that they would begin to donate homes to government programs and non-profit organizations.

Just with the rental programs that Bank of America is working on, other banks are going to seemingly follow suit. Wells Fargo announced that it was giving a home to a family of a young girl who is fighting brain cancer. The home, located near the girls hospital in Michigan, is being given to the family mortgage-free.

Wells Fargo is partnering with Angles of Hope to help this troubled family. It comes at a great time for the family as in addition to the young daughter having brain cancer, her father is also out of work, in the unemployment stricken state of Michigan.

Follow this link to watch the video about it.

Source: http://www.housingwire.com/rewired/wells-fargo-gives-home-parents-cancer-striken-girl

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