Use Augmented Reality to Search Homes in California with Google Glasses and

Augmented Reality Real Estate SearchIntroducing Augmented Reality Search Glasses! Take a GPS guided drive through your favorite neighborhood and see which homes are for sale right through your glasses–no computer or mobile app necessary. Ready to view a home for sale? Just park your car out front or stand outside the house and say, “Take me on a virtual tour.”

The above advertisement isn’t actually real right now, but it might be in a few years. I imagine a world where real estate buyers can walk into a home, take pictures, video recordings, and voice notes to compare later–all hands free via their glasses or contact lenses. I’ll be able to give a guided tour of a home for sale from the office without actually being in the home. “Hear me and obey. I am your Realtor. Take a left into the newly remodeled kitchen and notice the granite counter tops and custom cabinetry…”

Google released a concept video, titled “Project Glass: One day…,” on April 4 which showcases the possibilities of augmented reality. Check out the video below:

You can follow the project at the Google Plus Project Glass page or read more article’s about the technology at Mashable.

While augmented reality isn’t a new concept, the idea of combining the technology with glasses or contact lenses is certainly a step forward. For several years, there have been apps available for our smart phones that place a digital world on top of a real one. For example, Layar Vision has been available for years for Android, iOS, and Blackberry. There is also Golfscape, an augmented reality app that allows iPhone users to view distances on golf courses.

With inspiration like these augmented reality apps, the Search Glasses might be a possibility. For now, take advantage of our Advanced Real Estate Search for computers, tablets, and smartphones backed by the power of our network of expert real estate brokers

How would you combine this type of technology with real estate? Tell us your ideas in the comments section below.

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