Two Extremely Cost Effective Ways to Improve Your Property For Sale or Lease

Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Property For Sale or LeaseEarlier this year, we provided Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale, but I understand that these improvements cost money. Even the inexpensive upgrades start to add up. With that being said, I want to provide two extremely cost effective ways to improve the look and feel of your property for sale or lease. If you don’t do anything else to fix-up your property, at the bare minimum follow this advice:

#1 – Keep it Clean!

My parents have owned a commercial cleaning service in Asheville NC for the past 20+ years and before that they were involved in commercial property management in Miami Florida. My father is also a North Carolina Real Estate Broker. One thing I’ve learned from my parents over the years is the importance of keeping your home or place of business clean if you want to attract buyers or leasees. Even if you didn’t have my parents to learn this from, think back to your own experiences of searching for places to buy or rent. It’s hard to look past the filth if you walk into an apartment or house and the floors haven’t been swept and trash hasn’t been removed. As a renter, it also sets a bad tone if the property manager or owner of the property won’t even put the bare minimum in to rent the place. It shows what I should expect throughout the lease. How fast will repairs happen or problems corrected? Property management is no place for bare minimum. Keeping it clean also refers to the outside of the property as well. Even if it’s not your responsibility to clean the trash and debris off the street or sidewalk, you should if you’d like to present your property well.

#2 – Turn the lights on!

Lighting creates an emotional response with people. There is a reason why Outback Steakhouse uses accents of pink lighting in their restaurants (it creates a hunger response) and why it’s so bright in Ralph’s or any grocery store. (So bright in fact, the grocery store is one of the few places I think it’s acceptable to wear sunglasses indoors!) Well your property for sale or lease isn’t a steakhouse or a grocery store, but it does need lighting to properly show off it’s features. A dark dismal property isn’t somewhere I’d want to imagine spending long periods of time at. When showing off the property, try and get there early to turn on all the lights in the house or building before prospective buyer/leasee arrives. Often times fluorescent lights or energy saving bulbs will take a few minutes to get going, so turning them on in advance will speed up your presentation of the property and give the proper lighting to show off your location.

Recently I was inside a yogurt shop in Woodland Hills that was OPEN but all the lights were off. This was the owner’s attempt to save money, but I think it has the opposite effect. I wasn’t sure if I should even walk in; the business looked like it was closed with all the lights off (even though it was daytime). Make sure you don’t make this mistake. Light bulbs are inexpensive.

If you’re looking to sell or rent your residential or commercial property, contact us today at 1-800-287-1808. We are experts at increasing your bottom line. We look forward to working within your budget to help improve your property for sale or lease.

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