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Using Quality Architectural Images to Market a House Plan under Construction

New - 3D Rendering

While past homeowners had to envision their future homes based on a simple blueprints or hand sketches, modern buyers appreciate access to more advanced images in order to fully understand each house plan – and they’re attracted to listings that make use of those more sophisticated images.

Robin Williams Sells Villa Sorriso Vineyard and Matt Damon Buys in Pacific Palisades

Village Sorriso For Sale by Robin Williams

It’s apparently a great time to be in the real estate market if you’re a celebrity in California. Last week we reported that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi sold their Malibu home for $13 million. This week we discover that Robin Williams has listed his 654-acre Villa Sorriso vineyard for sale, and that Matt Damon has just closed on a $15 million dollar resort-like home in the Pacific Palisades.

Consumer Advice On Choosing A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Debi Drecksler

In the past thirty two years, I have bought and sold four homes. Life experience is a wonderful teacher.

When selling a home, the # 1 priority is marketing your property. One option is to list your home with a professional Realtor. Ask your friends and neighbors who they recommend and/or pick up the phone and call Realtors who advertise in your area. Set up interviews at your home so that the Realtor can view the property and have the opportunity to meet with you.

Guest blog by Debi Drecksler, a Writer in Candler, NC

The Importance of Checking Permit Statuses Before Buying A Home

Obtain the Proper Permits for House Upgrades & Modifications

When you buy a home, one of the most important things you should do is to check on statuses of permits for anything that looks to be an addition or a major modification to the home. For example, room additions, garage additions, bathroom additions, major remodels, adding a guest house or building a second story above the garage all must be permitted by the city.

Picking the Right California Real Estate Broker...It's That Important

Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles CA

Choosing the right California Real Estate Broker can mean the world of difference when buying or selling a home. Real Estate Brokers are supposed to make complicated real estate transactions simple and easy for their clients. They are supposed to do all the grunt work.

Some Markets are Rapidly Improving - Indicators of Sellers Market?

Southern California Real Estate Market

Since 2007 the real estate markets have been collapsing all across the world. With so much talk about the troublesome economic conditions in Europe, increasing delinquencies in FHA mortgages and still slower than desired job growth, some people thought we still had room to fall in real estate.

Choosing Your Escrow Officer

California Escrow

Before choosing your escrow officer you need to understand what an escrow officer really does. Nicole Phillips, Escrow Officer with Advantage Tile in Westlake Village, CA says “Escrow is the neutral third party between the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. We hold the funds to pay the bills at the close and affiliate the loan document signing.” They perform a multitude of tasks from ordering payoff demands on existing liens, to preparing preliminary/final closing statements (HUD-1 forms), and getting the transfer recorded on title.

Two Extremely Cost Effective Ways to Improve Your Property For Sale or Lease

Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Property For Sale or Lease

Even the inexpensive property upgrades start to add up. With that being said, I want to provide two extremely cost effective ways to improve the look and feel of your property for sale or lease.

Free Home Evaluation

We offer a Free Home Evaluation, CMA or BPO, by a licensed California real estate agent to determine the list price of your home.