Homeowner Beware - Be Careful Who You Get to Help

Homeowners Beware of Real estate Agents and attorneys

Distressed real estate has become a big business. Many people are looking to capitalize on people who are uneducated. Be careful when seeking help. If you are delinquent or behind on your mortgage, read this quick article before you do anything.

Case Study - REO Single Family Home in Fountain Valley California

Fountain Valley California Home

A behind-the-scenes look into REO disposition. This is a case study of an REO home for sale in Fountain Valley, CA.

Home Mortgage Principal Reductions Are Coming to California

Hardest Hit Fund

Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC) are on board to play a role in the California Housing Finance Agency’s “Keep Your Home California” program. The whole goal of the program is to reduce the principal balance for homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages.

Strategic Defaulting On Your Home - The Pros and Cons

California Strategic Defaulting

In California and across the country, homeowners are doing what’s called “strategic defaulting” on their homes. This means that even though they can afford their mortgage payment, the borrower is so underwater on their home that they intentionally stop making payments and ultimately give their home back to the bank. Does it make sense for folks in these situations to walk away? Another question some folks are asking… Is it morally wrong for borrowers who can afford to continue paying their mortgages to strategically default?

Thinking of Buying a Second Home?

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

If you are considering purchasing a second home, you should know that at least 1 presidential candidate is considering dumping the mortgage tax deduction on second homes. Knowing this, every presidential candidate will have to present their plan to “balance the budget.” Looking through the spending lines, the second largest tax expenditure is the mortgage interest deduction line.

Case Study - Selling a Bank Owned Duplex in Riverside California

REO For Sale in Riverside CA

This is a case study of a recent property I sold in Riverside, California. The purpose of this blog post is to familiarize you with the process of obtaining, listing, and selling an REO. This is a behind-the-scenes look into REO disposition.

How Divorce Affects Real Estate - Interview with Family Law Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert

Certified Family Law Specialist in Los Angeles CA - Kelly Chang Rickert

Divorces and real estate go hand-in-hand because when a husband and wife get a divorce, they divide their assets. Most family’s largest asset is their home which can’t be split down the middle, so divorce will most likely lead to the disposition of an old home and the acquisition of new ones. To answer some frequently asked questions about divorce and real estate, we interviewed Kelly Chang Rickert, a prominent Family Law attorney in Los Angeles. Kelly was kind enough to share her expertise as a Certified Family Law Specialist with our readers.