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Bank REOs, What is Actually Going On?

What is going to happen to all the delinquent Bank Owned REOs?

Banks pulled one of the greatest magic tricks of all time. They made millions of Bank Owned REOs disappear. We all know that all great magicians make things re-appear afterwards. It seems that the banks are about to make the REOs re-appear now.

Local Governments Taking Delinquent Homes?

Eminent Domain to seize private citizen's homes?

What would happen if local governments started seizing homes by eminent domain due to borrower delinquency? What kind of precedent would this set? Is it good or bad for stabilizing the housing market; or should we leave the market alone and let natural forces take over?

Dealing with Price Objections in Real Estate to Make Everyone Happy

Dealing with price objections

As a Realtor, it’s not uncommon to hear a price objection from a Buyer when visiting homes. “It’s too expensive,” “out of my price range” and “more than I’m looking to spend” are some of the most common objections a Realtor can hear about a particular house when working with Buyers.

So what exactly does that mean? How is a Realtor supposed to respond? What would you say?

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What is an Encumbrance?

Real Estate Encumberances

An encumbrance is a right that burdens or diminishes the value of a property; it impedes it in some way. There are different kinds of encumbrances. Encumbrances can be both financial or non-financial in nature. They can also affect the properties transfer-ability or the property’s use.

What is an Easement?

Real Estate Easements

An easement is a right that a person or entity has in the property of another person or entity. In other words, it is a right to use someone else’s property without owning that property. There are many different kinds of easements that exist for many different reasons.

How I Balance an 80 Hour Real Estate Work Week with My Family Life

Jeff Lichtenstein

As I’m writing this today, I’m managing 60 active listings with 19 homes under contract. I work an 80 hour work week, which could easily be a lot more if I didn’t work smart. Realtors know that I come in way earlier than anyone else (often between 5-6 am) and work harder than anyone else. Other Realtors joke that they couldn’t do what I do because they wouldn’t have a “life”. My first year or two in real estate, I would agree that I didn’t have much free time. Over the years though, I’ve learned how to balance, working an 80 hour work week while maintaining a strong family and personal life.

Guest blog by Jeff Lichtenstein, a Realtor in Palm Beach FL

Choosing Your Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Brokers in California

The reasons you should work with a real estate broker are endless. Buying a home without representation is not in your best interest. When making such a sizable investment, you MUST work with a professional who is accountable for acting within your best interest. A real estate broker lives and breathes real estate every day and will provide the expertise you need.

Free Home Evaluation

We offer a Free Home Evaluation, CMA or BPO, by a licensed California real estate agent to determine the list price of your home.