Real Estate Search Website with Large Photographs

Have you seen the large images on our real estate search tool? One thing we pride ourselves at is our use of large photographs throughout the site including the MLS results pages.

As a website developer for the past decade, I study the web browsing habits of my visitors and strive to give them the best experience possible. In addition, I keep up with the latest trends in web design and user interface. I try to combine these elements to give our users the best, easiest to use search website for California real estate.

Some the features of our website we pride ourselves on:

1. Large photographs – A small thumbnail doesn’t do justice for some of the beautiful homes we have available for sale in California so why confine them to 100 pixels?

2. Quick Search – The less clicks the better when viewing a website which is why we offer a Quick Search at the top of every page. Just choose your city and start viewing available homes for sale. This allows our visitors to view the price ranges of available homes for sale in a given area without having to go through a long search process. Setting too much criteria can narrow your results down to none depending on how many homes are available in a particular area. We’d hate to see you miss out on your dream home because it was just a few thousand dollars higher than your search criteria–especially since we’ll help you negotiate that home to a price you’re comfortable with.

3. Simplicity – Just like you, we hate visiting websites that are busy with advertisements, extraneous info, and take forever to load. Our goal is to provide you the information you are searching for without a million distractions. We respect your valuable time.

4. We’re Easy To Reach – Our contact information is prevalent throughout the site and we pride ourselves on the fact that we pick up the phone when you call. If for some reason we can’t get to your call, leave us a voicemail and be amazed at how fast your call is returned. Communication is essential to our business so we offer a variety of ways to get a hold of us like e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and of course the telephone (1-800-287-1808). My personal contact information, as well as my partner Scott’s e-mail and cell phone number, is available too if you prefer to work directly with the owners.

5. Original Resources – All of the resources on our blog are original content written by myself, Scott, or someone in our network. Click to subscribe to our blog. We hope you enjoy our helpful tips, interviews, and other relevant resources. If you’d like to request any particular resources, don’t hesitate to ask.

We are YOUR partners in real estate and will continue to work hard to make your home buying or selling process as easy as possible while maximizing the value of your real estate transaction.

Author: Paul Drecksler
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