Picking the Right California Real Estate Broker...It's That Important

Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles CAWe’ve said it before in our e-book California Real Estate: How To Pay Significantly Less Than Your Neighbors & Avoid Costly Mistakes, but it’s important enough to touch on again. Choosing the right California Real Estate Broker can mean the world of difference when buying or selling a home.

Real Estate Brokers are supposed to make complicated real estate transactions simple and easy for their clients. They are supposed to do all the grunt work. More and more we are finding out that Real Estate Brokers are not earning their keep. Some brokers send their clients out house hunting alone, or do not help with the research, or fail to adequately explain all the things that come along with owning a home.

Your real estate broker should be most concerned with selling your home for the best price or finding you the home of your dreams; not with earning their commissions. We hear horror stories all the time from clients and other brokers about bad real estate brokers.

I recently worked with a client who wandered into an open house. After spending more than an hour with them going over things in the home, they informed me they had a real estate broker. Alarmed, I asked “why was he not here?” Their response still shocks me “Well, he said we should go check it out and if we liked it to let him know.” This is not good. Their real estate broker should have been there to walk the home with them, especially because this was an REO home. Good Real Estate Brokers, while not contractors, have been in so many transactions they’ve seen most of the issues you are going to see.

Your broker should be able to warn you about potential issues that could be lurking in the home; water damage, dry rot, termite damage, etc are all things real estate brokers are trained to look for in their Agent Visual Inspection. Wouldn’t you hate to find out there was a termite infestation in the eaves of the roof before you wasted time and energy making offers?

Perhaps the single most important trait in a real estate broker should be honesty or integrity. As I just mentioned, good Real Estate Brokers should be looking out for you first, and their commissions second. Your real estate broker is licensed by the State of California for a reason–there are laws that must be followed in real estate transactions. It’s your broker’s job to follow those laws and explain them to you as needed.

Just this week I read about a real estate broker in California who was going to jail for not following the law. This broker actually was charging is buyer an additional commission fee for negotiating a short sale and not disclosing it to the other side. Real estate transactions are supposed to be completely transparent and open to all parties. If your real estate broker asks you to do something but refuses to disclose it to the other party, it’s probably illegal.

How do you avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong broker?

  • Get Referrals from Friends, Family and Neighbors
  • Research them on the Internet
  • Interview them – ask questions that may concern you
  • Check with the DRE

At CAPropertyFinder.com we extensively interview all our brokers before setting them up with you. We take the extra steps to make certain all our brokers are licensed, experts in their area, professional and most importantly ethical. Contact Us today to speak to a great California Real Estate Broker.

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