Online Location Matters Too In Real Estate

California Real Estate LocationReal estate is all about location, location, location! The better your physical location, the more valuable your real estate. Have you ever thought about what the role of “online real estate” can play in selling your home?

If I was looking to purchase a home, I’d start by searching the Internet. Is it safe to say that you would also begin your search online? Most of our clients begin looking for homes this way.

This is why at, we put so much time and attention into our website and online marketing as opposed to other out-dated methods of advertising. Almost 100% of our buying and selling leads come from two places: our website and word-of-mouth. (No website can replace taking care of our clients and building a positive long-lasting relationship!)

Tips For Choosing A Real Estate Broker

When choosing a real estate firm to market your property for sale–consider your real estate broker’s online location.

  • Is their website easy to find?
  • Is it simple to navigate?
  • Are the images large enough to see without a magnifying glass?
  • Are you able to find the information you are looking for quickly and with ease?
  • Is the company or broker’s contact info visible on all pages?
  • Do they pick up the phone when you call or return your call quickly if you reach their voicemail?

If you can’t easily contact your broker of navigate their website–imagine how your home’s potential buyers would feel.

When choosing a real estate company to list your home for sale in California, remember the importance of your broker’s online presence.

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