Newport Beach Real Estate - September 2012 Market Analysis

Newport Beach saw the average and median sale prices of homes and condos increase across the board compared last years numbers. This is true for most desirable areas of Southern California; which has been attributed to inventory shortages all around. Single family homes average price rose 17% from $1,627,985 to $1,902,958 and condos average sales price increased a more moderate 5% from $563,141 in September 2011 to $590,990 in September 2012. As expected, volume was down when compared to August 2012 and September 2011.

Newport Beach CA Real estate Market analysis for September 2012

Number of homes and condos sold in Newport Beach during September 2012

Average Sales Price of Homes and Condos sold in newport Beach during Sep 2012

Median Sales Price of Homes and condos in newport Beach during Sep 2012

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