Job Growth in January - The Start of the Rebound?

Job Growth in U.S. affects Real Estate MarketThe earliest job reports for January 2012 are in, and it’s something to be encouraged about. Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is one of the largest processors of payroll for private companies in the world; they have over 570,000 clients; this means they have a keen insight into the job markets in the private sector. They announced today, February 1, 2012, that private, non-agricultural payrolls increased by 170,000 jobs in January!

We’ve noted previously that job creation will be the single most important indicator that the economy is picking up and that it will hopefully be a leading indicator of housing rebound. (Also Read: Real Estate Outlook 2012 and FHA Mortgage Delinquency Rates Rise)

Optimists would like to think that creating 170,000 new jobs in January alone should be a sign of good things to come. We hope so too.

We need sustained job growth, month after month, year after year, with no large steps back. Start preparing for economic growth and job creation early by getting a jump on the other home buyers. Start searching for homes and sign up with one of our expert brokers today.

Check back with us and we will keep you posted on the job market and more importantly, its impact on real estate.

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  • Movers

    Great news for job growth – exciting to hear the moving industry will pick up.