I Would Live in Woodland Hills CA... Would You?

Woodland Hills CaliforniaWhen a housing opportunity opened up that I couldn’t refuse, I moved out of Los Feliz and into The Valley. Lucky for me this place to live was in Woodland Hills CA–the heart of The Valley.

For someone who prefers to walk everywhere, Woodland Hills is a perfect area in The Valley because it has everything I need in my daily life within walking distance to my condo… Ralphs and Starbucks. In fact, after a year of walking 3-10 miles a day down major streets like Canoga Ave, Ventura Blvd, Victory, and Topanga Canyon Blvd–I discovered over 6 Starbucks within walking distance.

But aside from Starbucks, here’s what else Woodland Hills has to offer:

  • Two shopping malls (Westfield Topanga Mall and Westfield Promenade).
  • Major retail outlets including multiple Targets, a Wal-Mart, Sports Authority, Costco, Michael’s, Staples, Kohls, Office Depot, Fry’s, Best Buy, and a ton more.
  • Car Dealerships & Service Centers for Ford, Lexus, Porsche, Audi, GM, Honda, and Nissan
  • Woodland Hills Recreation center – a 19 acre park with community activities and classes year round. I walk a few miles at this park at night because it is well lit and close to my condo.
  • Unique retail shops like Porky’s Baseball Cards and Dementia Gallery. I made those two websites so forgive me for profiling them first. Admittedly, I’m a shameless self-promoter, but that’s a desirable quality in a real estate agent.
  • Warner Center Park & Serrania Park – two parks with children’s play areas, hiking trails, and picnic tables.

My favorite places to eat in Woodland Hills:

  • Gyu-Kaku – a Japanese BBQ located in the Topanga Mall where you cook your own meat at on-table grills. Most people are full by the end of the main course but I always leave room for the all-you-can eat s’mores.
  • Lotus Inn China Bistro – I love this restaurant, especially because of the lunch special prices. I am always greeted warmly by the owners who make sure that everything is to my satisfaction.
  • China Star LA – I just realized how much Asian food I eat. This is my favorite take-out Chinese restaurant in the area.
  • Salad Farm – One of my favorite healthy spots to eat in Woodland Hills. I recommend splitting the Chinese Chicken Salad and the Steak & Cheese Panini with a friend for the perfect meal combo.
  • Togo’s – They offer a $5 combo special which includes a different regular sized sandwich every day of the week, chips (or a cookie.. get the cookie), and a drink. I’m a sucker for the $5 special so I always end up diversifying my sandwich selection instead of being a creature of habit like I am at other places. There’s this one restaurant in Asheville NC where I ordered the same two meals for 15 years.
  • Something’s Fishy – I love this place on holidays and special occasions.
  • Jerry’s Famous Deli – A good old fashioned New York style deli complete with pickles on the table and professional waitresses. My grandfather, Joseph Nevel, owned Wolfie’s Deli in Miami Beach so I have a soft-spot in my heart for Jewish Delis.

Things To Do In Woodland Hills CA:

  • The Rack – Play pool, get some drinks, and eat pizza at The Rack located in the Promenade Mall. This place gets filled up on weekend nights and is a fun place to hang out even if the pool tables are full.
  • AMC Promenade 16 – See what’s playing and watch a movie at the local movie theater, located right next to The Rack.
  • Pickwick’s Pub and White Hart Pub – Two great Irish pub bar with darts and live music.

What do you think about living in Woodland Hills? Did I leave anything off the lists above? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Metrobuda

    I loved this website!!  It gave me some ideas to try in the area.  I too love living in woodland hills!!  It is the perfect marry between the conveniences of living downtown (everything withing walking distance) and living in suburbia (because of the greenery, quietness, parks, etc.).

    Thank you for sharing!!!  I would love to hear of some more ‘to do’s’ in the area that you like!!

  • Thank you Metrobuda…. we will definitely look to grow that list of Things To Do. If you have any other favorites, please list some in the comments. Thanks for reading!

  • laura Marconato

    Hows the high school there?? Do you know the school El Camino Real? Is it good?