I Would Live in Los Feliz... Would You?

Feliz in Spanish means “happy” and that is a perfect description of Los Feliz for me. The area reminds me of my hometown of Asheville North Carolina because of the mountainous landscape, quaint shops, and eccentric food choices. Los Feliz is conducive to walking everywhere which I love to do.

Here is a video taken from the roof of a 6 story apartment building on Vermont Ave in Los Feliz. In this video, you can see Griffith Park, Century City off in the distance, downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake and about everything in between. The video ends with a view of the Griffith Observatory–one of the landmarks we profiled in Cool Things To Do When You’re New To Los Angeles.

When I lived in Los Feliz, I would hike through Griffith Park to the Observatory several times per week. It’s a great place to hike to in the morning because you can go inside the Observatory, fill up your water bottle, and use their bathrooms before heading back down the mountain. Plus the view is spectacular and I am hard pressed to find a better way to start my day.

Depending on which path I took, the Observatory was about 1.2 miles from my apartment on Vermont Ave (where the video above was shot). Los Feliz’s proximity to downtown Los Angeles, the 101 and 5 freeways, the LAX airport, and landmarks like the observatory, parks, and museums is part of what makes it such a desirable area to live. Just ask celebrities like Katy Perry, Russel Brand, Michael Cera, Gwen Stefani, and Aziz Ansari.

Like most people in Los Angeles–I’m a “foodie”. When I first moved here, I ate my way through the city. Los Feliz has some of the best restaurants that I’ve discovered.

My favorite places to eat in Los Feliz:

  • Home Restaurant. Order the turkey Reuben and waffle fries. If you’re celebrity watching–I’ve seen movie and TV stars such as John C. Reilly and Tim Meadows eat here.
  • Tangier Korean BBQ. Go on Monday for a discounted All You Can Eat. Wonderful food if you can deal with the staff SCREAMING hello in Korean at every custom who walks in.
  • Alcove Cafe & Bakery. I love the street view from the outdoor seating. Go on a date here and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Fred 62. This is my regular spot with Justin. It’s sort of our “Diner” from Seinfeld if the show were filmed in Los Feliz. We sit at the same booth every time and order the same meal–Eggs 102. I get the English muffin and he prefers rye bread. They are 24 hours which would have been a plus in my younger days when I stayed awake past 11pm.
  • Little Dom’s. Also go here on a date because it might be more than you’d like to spend for a quick lunch with your buddies–unless they owe you a meal. The food is delicious and they have a great staff. Customer service is often difficult to find in Los Angeles but they break that rule.

What do you think about Los Feliz / Griffith Park? Drop your opinion in the comments section below.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park

View through Binoculars

View through Binoculars at Griffith Observatory of the rooftop from video above



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