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Today’s blog post is written to answer your questions about guest blogging for our site. We get a lot of requests from real estate professionals to write guest blog posts and found that most people had the same questions.

There is also a form to submit your guest post at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions that we haven’t addressed on this page, please contact us or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

May I submit a guest blog post to

Yes, absolutely! We invite real estate professionals to share their experience and real estate expertise through our blog. It’s great exposure for your business, especially if you provide your contact information and link back to your website which we encourage you to do.

May I publish the guest post on my blog too?

No, we do not allow you to republish the guest post you write for our blog anywhere else. Our biggest requirement for guest posts is that they are original content that is written specifically for our website. This means no moving paragraphs around and regurgitating old blog posts, and no re-posting the article anywhere else after it’s published on our site, including your own. We are strict about not having duplicate content on our website. To satisfy this requirement, most bloggers will write a brief description of the article they write for us and then link to the original post on from their website.

What should I write about?

Our readers love to read real estate stories and anecdotes. There is a lot we can learn from each others experiences. Plus, stories like that are just fun to read! We also encourage you to write about things happening in your area since you are the local expert. If you would like to submit multiple blog posts or contribute regularly, we will help you come up with some interesting topics to write about if you need us to.

Can I see some examples of what other guest bloggers have written?

Absolutely, here are some recent examples of other guest blog posts.

Where do I include links to my website?

Please place all links and contact information at the end of the blog post. Here are a few examples:

Jeff Lichtenstein is a Florida Realtor specializing in Palm Beach real estate. Jeff is a mild-mannered but driven real estate agent dedicated to his customers. He is an early riser, most often at work at 5 or 6 am to put in an average of 80 hours per week. You can reach Jeff via his website, telephone at (561) 346-8383 or e-mail

Jason Francis is a Realtor with REMAX GOLD in Fairfield, California. You can reach Jason at (707) 373-3416 or

Michael A. Ames is a Certified REO Broker in San Mateo, CA. You can reach Michael at (650) 343-1400 or via his website

How do I submit a guest blog post?

1) You may e-mail your guest blog posts in the body of an e-mail, or as a Word or PDF attachment to with the subject “Guest Blog Post Submission”. Make sure your guest post has your contact information at the bottom of the post. Please also attach a professional headshot to publish with your blog post and any other images you’d like to include with your post.

2) You may also use the form below to submit your guest blog post.

* indicates required field

Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 3mb.

What happens after I submit a guest blog post?

One of our editors will review the post and contact you if any additional information is necessary. Hopefully you remembered to submit your contact information and your headshot. We will let you know when your blog post is scheduled and e-mail you a link to the URL the day it is published.

May I submit more than one guest blog post?

Yes, many of our guest bloggers submit multiple guest blog posts. Blogging on puts you on top of search engines and is great exposure for your business. The more blog posts you can write the better. Plus, it’s a lot easier to write your second blog post than it is your first! Writing is a muscle that needs exercise. The more you write, the better your blog posts will become.

Do you edit my guest blog post?

We do a couple rounds of editing to try and catch spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. However, with those exceptions, we leave your blog post as-is, so long as you put your links and contact info in the proper place at the end of the post.

Get started…

If that’s all the information you needed, please get started writing your original blog post and submit it using the directions above. Bookmark this webpage if you need to come back to it after you write your post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Thank you.

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