How do I choose the best real estate agent to sell my home in California?

California Realtors - Woodland Hills, Glendale, Pasadena, Newport Beach, Santa MonicaBeing a real estate salesperson is the ultimate commission job. We only get paid if a transaction occurs. Finding buyers and sellers is no easy task and we rely on referrals from happy clients to grow our business.

This is why at we strive to provide unparalleled customer service to our home buyers and sellers as their partners in California real estate. We start every new relationship with a positive attitude, an open line of communication, and the willingness to work night and day for our partners.

Working with Sellers

As listing agents, our priorities are directly in line with the seller’s. We work to find a qualified buyer who will purchase our seller’s house for the best terms and highest price. It’s extremely important to work with the right agent and real estate company to market your home for sale. Our job is to let as many interested buyers know about your home as possible, schedule as many appointments to show your home as we can, and grow as much interest as we can among fellow real estate agents. The more interest we can build about your home for sale, the higher chance of receiving offers to purchase. The more offers our sellers receive, the better their chances of receiving the best and highest offer. Do you see why it’s so important to generate lots of interest in your home for sale?

The sales price is heavily dictated by market conditions, so long as your home is marketed properly. You will never receive the highest price on your home unless your agent works hard to solicit offers to purchase. Do you see why it’s so important to choose the right agent to work with?

Choosing the right agent

You should interview multiple real estate agents before signing a contract and committing to list your home with anyone. Be careful not to only focus on list price when choosing an agent, as some agents will promise a higher price to get the listing, but then quickly talk you down to market value after you’ve listed with them. Remember that the market dictates the sales price of your home, not the agent. Choose the agent that you feel will work hardest for you, provides the level of marketing services you feel comfortable with, and who is available to cater to your individual needs.

My partner, Scott, and I pride ourselves on the fact that we pick up the phone when you call! We keep you up to date on our marketing efforts. We don’t just TELL you we’re working hard to sell your home.. we SHOW you. And most importantly we produce qualified able buyers.

Sell your home!

Call Paul Drecksler at (828) 273-3031, Scott Mehlman at (310) 430-6361, or the office at 1-800-287-1808 to schedule a listing presentation at your home. We look forward to the opportunity to exceed your needs as real estate agents.

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