Glendale Real Estate Report for November 2012

Average Sale Prices of single family homes and condos rose 3% from October 2012 and up 20% and 47% respectively since last year. The upward pricing movement is expected to continue with inventory shortages keeping demand high. Markets are shifting towards being traditional sale dominated. Sales volume was down 17% for single family homes and down 28% for condos compared to last year. The volume slow down is most likely attributed to seasonality and inventory shortages. Its not a concern for the greater real estate market as long as prices are improving or remaining stable.

Glendale CA Market Analysis for Nov 2012

Real Estate Sales Volume in Glendale for Nov 2012

Glendale CA Average Sales Price of Real Estate in Nov 2012

Median Sales Price of Real Estate in Glendale CA For Nov 2012

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