Do You Have Friends or Family Members In The Market?

California Homes For SaleIf your friend or family member was looking for a home, would you want them to live near you? The more friends, family, and personal connections you have nearby, the safer your neighborhood becomes and the easier it is to visit and have an active social life. Often times filling your neighborhood with people you can vouch for means the nearby houses are better maintained and mortgages are being paid (less foreclosures) which benefits everyone.

We encourage our buyer clients to advertise the fact that they are house hunting on their social network and ask their local friends and family for advice. The more eyes that are open to finding you a home, the better. With our representation and the recommendation of friends and family (who hopefully would never steer you wrong!)–finding your dream home might happen much quicker than expected.

We love to work with your friends and family and always thank you for your confidence in our abilities in the form of a Finders Fee. Check out our Referral page for more information about how you can be rewarded for the people in your social network who are in the market for California real estate. As your partners in real estate–we’ll make you proud!

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