Consumer Advice On Choosing A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Debi DreckslerGuest blog by Debi Drecksler, a Writer in Candler, NC

In the past thirty two years, I have bought and sold four homes. Life experience is a wonderful teacher.

When selling a home, the # 1 priority is marketing your property. One option is to list your home with a professional Realtor. Ask your friends and neighbors who they recommend and/or pick up the phone and call Realtors who advertise in your area. Set up interviews at your home so that the Realtor can view the property and have the opportunity to meet with you.

What qualities should you be looking for? Look for a Realtor who shows up on time and is articulate, outgoing and personable… someone who lights a fire under you. If he or she gets you excited about listing your home with them, imagine how prospective buyers will feel. The enthusiasm will be contagious!

Your relationship with your Realtor is like a marriage. You want to know before you agree to this real estate union if the two of you are compatible. Trust your gut instinct on this. I once interviewed a Realtor who walked in with her phone attached to her ear and she answered 3 calls while we were talking. Though she came with rave reviews, I did not hire her. I felt like I should have been her top priority during our first meeting.

Pay attention to little details. Did the Realtor come prepared? Does the Realtor take the time to explain what is happening in your neighborhood and show you examples of what has sold and/or what is currently on the market? Does the Realtor explain marketing strategies and why they are important?

Candler NC HousesA Realtor can not guarantee that your home will sell within a specific time frame. Your home could sell immediately or be on the market for months. Keep your expectations realistic. If time is of the essence, do not be offended if the Realtor suggests lowering your price.

Have your list of questions ready to ask the Realtor. Listen carefully to the answers and make sure you understand everything before you sign your name on the seller’s contract. Let the Realtor know all of your concerns. This is the most important time you will spend with your Realtor until he or she hands you a buyer’s contract.

A Realtor will offer suggestions on how to make your house more appealing to potential buyers. Don’t be insulted by the suggestions. Realtors have years of experience showing homes and know exactly what turns off buyers. Listen carefully to their advice.

Understand that when you choose a Realtor to sell your home, it becomes a joint effort. Be productive team members and be respectful and ethical with each other. You will both reap the benefits.

Debi Nevel Drecksler is a human interest writer residing in Candler, North Carolina. You can reach Debi via her website or e-mail

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