California Escrow Officer - Interview with Nicole Phillips

Los Angeles California Escrow Agent

What is escrow? Our interview with Nicole Phillips, an Escrow Officer in Westlake Village, CA.

Investing in a Fixer Upper - Interview with a Los Angeles General Contractor

Los Angeles General Contractor

We interviewed Branden Annotti, a Los Angeles general contractor, about investing in a fixer upper. Here’s what he had to say about what’s most important to spend your money on.

Living in Downtown Los Angeles - An Interview with Dakota Weiss

Dakota Weiss - Bravo TV's Top Chef Season 9 Contestant

We interviewed Dakota Weiss, the executive chef at The W Los Angeles Westwood Hotel and recent contestant on Bravo TV’s Top Chef Season 9. Dakota lives Downtown Los Angeles. Check out this interview to find out how Dakota likes living in Downtown Los Angeles and which restaurants are her favorite places to eat around town.

How Divorce Affects Real Estate - Interview with Family Law Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert

Certified Family Law Specialist in Los Angeles CA - Kelly Chang Rickert

Divorces and real estate go hand-in-hand because when a husband and wife get a divorce, they divide their assets. Most family’s largest asset is their home which can’t be split down the middle, so divorce will most likely lead to the disposition of an old home and the acquisition of new ones. To answer some frequently asked questions about divorce and real estate, we interviewed Kelly Chang Rickert, a prominent Family Law attorney in Los Angeles. Kelly was kind enough to share her expertise as a Certified Family Law Specialist with our readers.

What Is Escrow? Interview with Escrow Officer Jason Annotti

Jason Annotti, Escrow Officer / Manager

To provide better insight into the world of Escrow, we interviewed Jason Annotti, an Managing Escrow Officer with Chartwell Escrow in Sherman Oaks, CA. Escrow can be a foreign subject to some home buyers and sellers so hopefully this interview will help answer your frequently asked questions about escrow.

Expert Advice from A Los Angeles Mortgage Broker - Interview with Bill Rayman

We interviewed Bill Rayman, a mortgage broker in Los Angeles California, to provide some expertise into the world of home financing. One thing Bill made clear is that there are exceptions to every “rule” in the finance industry as every lending institution has their own set of guidelines and loan criteria.

Tips for Preparing Your Home For Sale

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Looking for some tips on getting your home ready for sale? We interviewed Branden Annotti, Owner of Annotti Building Company, a California contractor who provided us with some recommended improvements you should make if you’re about to sell your home.