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At our #1 goal is to help our customers. Our California real estate blog is designed to educate our clients about the practice of real estate, inform them of current events that affect our industry, and help maximize the value of their real estate transactions–both buying and selling.

We’ve written nearly 100 blog posts and quickly becoming the go-to place for the low down on California real estate.

We blog about current events:

We blog with monthly market updates in our key markets:

We post interviews with influential people:

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We feature Guest Bloggers from time to time:

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What makes our blog different from other real estate blogs is that our customers give us ideas of what to post! Whether it’s asking a great real estate question, or suggesting we share a current event, we love to make our customers happy by providing the content they want to read.

What are some things you want us to blog about? Do you have a real estate question? I bet someone else has that same question.

Did you just start your home search? Are you overwhelmed? How can we help?

Leave us a comment about what you want us to blog about and we’ll do our best to meet everyone’s needs.

If you’d like to submit a Guest Post or request an Interview please contact us at 1-800-287-1808 or e-mail

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