Capitalizing on the Real Estate Resources Available

Utilize the real estate resources available to youYou’ve come a long way in the home buying process and have hopefully learned many of the skills necessary to pay significantly less than your neighbors and avoid costly mistakes. The real estate buying process may seem complicated because honestly, it is! Remember though, you’ve built your team and are not alone. Be sure to capitalize on the resources available to you.

  • Can you afford this home? Make sure you’ve spoken to your loan officer, accountant, and financial planner at this point in the process. All three can provide separate but valuable insight into whether this decision is right for you.
  • How long has it been since your loan officer shopped rates? Things change quickly, especially in today’s loan market. A good loan officer will keep you informed of changing rates and new programs or incentives available to you. If some time has passed since you were quoted rates, it’s not a bad idea to let your loan officer know you’re still actively looking for a home and ask them to see if anything has changed that would affect your financing.
  • Is the home worth what you’re offering? Have you consulted with a real estate appraiser, home inspector, and contractor? You took the time to build your team… maximize this time by seeking these individuals expert opinions.
  • Are you using the Internet? The Internet allows us to research homes, view area crime reports, pull county records, map traffic patterns, and graph area home values over time. The amount of information available online was most likely not available the last time you bought a home or last time your parents bought a home, if this is your first time. At, we’re experts at utilizing real estate technology. Talk to one of our brokers if you are unfamiliar with what tools are available online.
  • You have a buyers agent.. are you treating them like one? We’ve mentioned several times in this book the importance of utilizing your real estate broker to their full capacity. A good broker, like those at, have the knowledge, foresight, and expertise to help maximize your real estate transaction. Allow us to do our job and your real estate buying process will be successful, enjoyable, and a learning experience.

This chapter’s purpose is to serve as a reminder to you of all the work you’ve already put into the process of buying a home. No-one said it’d be easy, but you’re doing a great job! Continue working smart and capitalize on the resources available to you.

Now that you’ve come this far in the real estate buying process, it’s time to buy a home!

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