5 Tips from New Home Builders When Purchasing a House

Designed by Reworks Architecture

Designed by Reworks Architecture

Guest post by H. Hudson Homes

Shopping for a new home is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Whether you’re in the market for new modern homes or one that was previously owned, it’s important to look past a curb appeal to avoid extra expenses and disappointments after you’ve unpacked.

New home builders remind you to keep the following in mind:

1. Open the windows and doors. While a window or door may look pretty, it’s useless if it doesn’t work. As you house shop, open the windows and doors to make sure they all work, and to inspect the condition of the framing materials. Good windows and exterior doors are those that prevent energy losses, lock, open with ease and don’t leak air or water.

2. Check out the plumbing and electrical wiring. When you look at a home, turn on the faucets and check under the sink for leaks and signs of water damage. Learn about the age of the plumbing and electrical components. Verify that the home can safely power modern appliances. As you look at the different rooms in a home, take note of the number of power outlets, their type and location.

3. Consider the slope of the lot. If the home is at the top of a sloped lot, getting the mail on an icy day could be problematic. A home at the bottom of a downward sloping lot could be at risk for water damage when there are heavy rains. A property’s slope may also impact the way the landscaping looks, the ease of its maintenance and your ability to entertain guests outside.

4. Remember your current and future needs. The best home is one that can grow and adapt to your family’s changing needs. If you have kids, for example, you may need the garage space for an extra car, extra storage and more than one bathroom. On the other hand, if a parent moves in, you may want to make your home more accessible with amenities such as hand rails on the front porch.

5. Don’t skip the professional inspection. All new-home builders agree that one of the most important parts of the home buying process is the professional inspection by a licensed inspector who specializes in residential properties. You should even inspect new modern homes. An inspection takes at least two or three hours, depending on the size of the property. After an inspection, the professional provides you with a report of his findings.

Inspectors generally check:

  • The home’s plumbing and electrical systems for problems and safety concerns.
  • Proper grading drainage and evidence of standing water outside the home.
  • The condition of the landscape and hardscapes.
  • The safety of exterior structures, including decks, stairs, rails, fences and sheds.
  • Downspout drainage that’s directed properly and in good condition.
  • The condition of the foundation to ensure that it’s plumb, straight and free of cracks.
  • Signs of damage caused by pests and water.
  • The roof for damage, leaks, missing shingles, rot and moss coverage.
  • The condition of siding materials.
  • The condition of wood frames and trim pieces, glass, joints, windows, doors and interior walls.

The purchase of a new home is one of the greatest investments that you’ll ever make. Go about the process thoughtfully so you can have joyous memories of your home instead of regret.

H. Hudson Homes are trusted new home builders in Oregon who focus on cutting-edge design and sustainability. When it comes to purchasing new modern homes, buyers can rely on H. Hudson Home’s wealth of expertise in construction and modern building practices.

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  • Jessica Bennet

    Before purchasing a home, do all the necessary reviews of the property. Both the physical as well as the legal aspects of the property should be thoroughly scrutinized. Before purchasing a property, make sure that you are not overpaying for it.

  • Wonderful sharing and every one should check all these things in the new house before buying it. It will be helpful to all who are going to buy new house and are not aware about these things that we should check in new home.